Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses

Container Garden Services

Everyone enjoys injecting a little life into their exterior living space but we don’t always have the time it takes to do it ourselves.  Our expert staff will be more than happy to work with you to create exactly what your heart desires.  We are ready to simply help you select your plants or we can do all the work for you.  Our services include picking up your containers, cleaning them, planting them and then delivering them right back to front door.




Grab & Go Biodegradable Container Gardens

If you are in a pinch and need something to add a little pop of color to your next outdoor event swing by our greenhouses and pick up one of our pre-made Grab & Go Containers.  We carry a variety of sizes and you can simply drop the pot in your ceramic, terra cotta or plastic container at home.  It’s as easy as that.  The pot is biodegradable so you can even plant it in the ground if need be.  Be sure to measure you containers before stopping by to pick up one of these planters and our staff will help you select the correct size.  Currently our Grab & Go Containers measure 10″ W x 6″ H, 9″W x 9″H and 12″ W x 13″ H.  Please give us a call if you are in need of a specific pot size and we will do our best to find one that works for you.