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Radebaugh Greenhouses

Bedding Plants

If you are looking for gorgeous bedding plants for your home or garden, we invite you to stop by our greenhouse. We offer the best selection of beautiful bedding flowers and bedding plants in Baltimore. Radebaugh Greenhouses is a true, third generation family owned and operated firm. We operate retail and wholesale greenhouses, as well as a retail flower shop.

We offer both annual and perennial bedding plant options. Larger, more mature plants come in individual pots and containers. The small starter bedding plants come in trays. Our firm has the best selection of bedding plants and flowers anywhere in Baltimore.



Growing Recommendations – Bedding Plants

The bedding plants we sell generally come in starter trays. Each plant will generally have a reasonably well developed root base. They roots are very fragile and should be handled carefully. The best way to remove a bedding plant from the tray is to push up softly on the bottom of the tray. The plant will generally pop up and can then be easily removed from the tray by hand. As is the case with most bedding plants, they perform much better in soft, well tilled soil. We generally recommend that you add peat moss to your flower beds or gardens to help with water retention. You can also add some cow manure to the soil to provide some base elements that enhance plant growth.