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We buy many of the caladiums we sell from domestic and international growers. Some come from U.S. based wholesalers. Caladiums are an incredibly popular plant. The are extremely robust and grow in many different types of conditions and soil. People seem to love all the great colors that they come in. Truly a very popular bedding plant in the Baltimore area.

These plants are a great addition to any flower bed. We also recommend their use in planters. They can really bring some beauty and vibrant color to any outdoor environment. Our design team loves to use them with landscape projects they create. Many due to way the blend so nicely with many different flower varieties.

We offer caladium plants, or you can also buy them as bulbs or tubers. Our recommendation is to purchase bedding plants for use in-doors and bulbs or tubers for use in outdoor settings. Both options work really well. The plants tend to be the more frequently purchased option. Likely because most customers want to enjoy them right away.





Growing Recommendations – Caladiums

Caladiums are native to South America. They are considered to be a pretty hardy plant. They come in many colors and varieties and produce beautiful heart and arrow shaped leaves. that can be grown in-doors or outdoors. If you are planning to use caladiums in your outdoor flower beds, we recommend planting them in late April or May. Timing is dependant upon the region you live in. If the ground is too cold, tubers can sometimes rot, before they start to grow. When soil temperatures are starting to warm, the tubers seem to be the most productive.