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The daffodil is one of the most popular flowers in America. It blooms in early Spring, delivering vibrant yellow colors. Daffodils erupt from the ground, trumpeting the end of Winter and the arrival of warmer days to come.

We carry daffodil bulbs and flowers each Spring at our Radebaugh Greenhouses. Most of the daffodils bulbs and flowers we sell come directly from domestic flower farms, right here in the United States. People who shop at our greenhouses eagerly purchase the daffodil bulbs and trays of daffodil starter flowers that we offer.

Daffodil bulbs are a great way to add these beautiful blooms to your garden. Plant them in the Fall and they will reward you in late March to early April. The great thing about daffodils is that they are perennial flowers. Not only do the come back year after after, they multiply! A daffodil can multiply either through bulb division (asexual cloning) or directly from seeds. People who plant daffodils are rewarded year after year with more and more of these gorgeous blooms.






Growing Recommendations – Daffodils

As mentioned earlier, daffodils are perennial flowers. They will come back year after year. If you are thinking of adding daffodils to your garden, we recommend you do so by initially planting them as bulbs in the Fall. By using bulbs, you will generally see much stronger foliage and gorgeous vibrant yellow blooms, when they sprout for the first time. Daffodils like partial shade. They do nicely under trees, in areas that hold moisture well. Make sure that you plant them in an area of your flower bed that drains well. You will want to avoid allowing large amounts of standing water to pool around the bulbs.