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When the temperatures start to drop in Baltimore, the first thing we do is roll out our pansy collection. Pansies are a great cold weather floral option that we sell each Fall and Winter. These flowers hug the ground and have very colorful blooms. They come in many different colors. Our pansies come from both domestic and international flower farms.

Pansies are an incredibly popular plant. The are extremely robust and grow in many different soil conditions. People all over the country love them for their beauty and ease of care. Pansies can survive in low moisture conditions, but, perform best in soil that is soft and regularly watered. They are almost always one of the most frequently purchased bedding flowers at Radebaugh Greenhouses.







Growing Recommendations – Pansies

Pansies should be planted in late Fall. They will perform best if you thoroughly cultivate your soil. Depending on the size bed you are creating, either utilize a tiller, or if the area is small enough, you can loosen the soil with a shovel. Once you have the soil softened up, add some peat moss or cow manure. Mix that into your soil. Then add in some planting soil or top soil to the mix. That will ensure that your bedding layer will be soft enough to allow root growth. The peat will help with water retention. Pansies come in trays and can easily be planted with a small hand shovel. Dig a small hole, push the pansy from it’s tray by pushing up on the bottom of the tray. Spacing with pansies isn’t a huge issue, so you can plant them fairly close together. They will hug the ground as they begin to spread.