Radebaugh Greenhouses


We generally offer three different varieties of orchid plants. If you stop by our greenhouses, you will generally find cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids and gorgeous phalaenopsis orchids. Orchids have historically been one of the most popular floral varieties sold in our greenhouses. They are simply stunning to look at. Orchids come in a wide variety of colors and are relatively easy to care for.

Many of the orchid plants we sell come directly from growers in Latin America and areas like Thailand.Ā  Their natural habitat is forested jungle. They thrive in that environment, due to the built in water system the canopy of trees and rain provide. When customers purchase orchids, one of the big mistakes they tend to make in caring for them is positioning the plants in an area with insufficient light and over watering the plants.







Growing Recommendations – Orchids

Orchids are a unique plant that requires a very specific care plan. They generally only bloom a few times per year. Some varieties of orchids bloom in hotter temperatures and others bloom in the Spring and Fall. A few varieties have even been known to bloom in the Winter. Orchids are primarily an indoor plant. They almost never do well if left outdoors for more than a few hours. Most varieties produce one strong growth period during each year.