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Summer Flowers & Plants

Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses is a third generation, family owned and operated firm. Our floral design center is located in Towson, Maryland. We also operate retail and wholesale greenhouses, co-located on the same property. Radebaugh has been voted “Best Florist in Baltimore” on numerous occasions. We received that honor most recently in 2018. Our retail greenhouse is open to the public. It is filled with gorgeous bedding flowers, vegetable plants, green and flowering plants, shrubs and trees. We also carry potting soil, peat moss, flower pots, hanging baskets and mulch. Everything you will need to get your flower beds, gardens and outdoor flower pots looking their best.

From the rising temperatures, it is clear that Summer has arrived in Baltimore. While Spring is a great time to plant your annuals and perennials, there are lots of beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs and trees that can be planted during the Summer. There are a few really important considerations when planting in the Summer. The air and soil temperatures will be dramatically warmer. When you plant in those warmer Summer conditions, you need to select flowers, plants, shrubs and trees that are already well rooted. When you dig your holes, make sure that you dig them large enough to all you to adequately soften and loosen the soil that will be around your newly installed plants. We suggest mixing peat, cow manure and some great top soil into the holes you have dug. When you install the new plants, make sure that you surround the roots with all these great soil enhancers. Pack the soil in around the plants, then come back over the surface with a good water holding mulch.

In addition to plants, shrubs and trees, our greenhouses also carry a wide range of annuals and perennials that can be planted during the Summer. If color is what you are looking for, we recommend our asters, geraniums, gerbera daisies, hibiscus, hydrangea, lilies, marigolds, roses and sunflowers. The gerbera’s and geraniums come in a wide range of gorgeous colors. These gorgeous flowers can really add colorful pop to your flower beds or to the flower pots on your deck or porch.



Summer Flowers, Plants & Shrubs


We grow most of the bedding flowers, plants and shrubs that you will find in our retail greenhouse. All of the floral and plant products we sell are are affordably priced and guaranteed fresh. In the Summer, we normally highlight whether a particular flower, plant or shrub will perform better in full sun, partial sun and most shady areas. We highly recommend that you follow that guidance when selecting which floral and plant products you choose for Summer use. When planting in the Summer, it is imperative that you provide adequate moisture for the flowers and plants you install. The amount of watering required will depend on whether you install the flowers or plants in full sun, partial sun or shaded areas.