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We buy many of the tulips we sell from both domestic and international flower farms. The Holland tulips we buy in the Spring are really popular. They literally fly off the shelf. Unfortunately, Holland tulips are a seasonal product. We can generally only purchase them from late February thru mid April.

To solve that problem, we also buy tulips from California. The California tulips are really pretty. Maybe a bit smaller than the Holland tulips, but, really nice colors. Tulips are a really flexible flower in terms of floral design. They blend nicely with many different flower varieties and tend to give arrangements they are in a more luxurious feel.

The tulip is any of a variety of plants belonging to the genus Tulipa. The tulip has a unique cone or bell shaped bloom. They come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. leaves and cup shaped or bell shaped flowers which come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Most tulips only bear one flower per stem. There are a number of tulip species that bear multiple flowers on a stem. Tulips are an interesting species to grow, in that they require a drop in temperature, in order to get the best color and bloom results.





Growing Recommendations – Tulips

If you want tulips in your garden, we recommend you buy them as bulbs, in the fall. The bulbs have an embryo flower already inside. Bulbs are not all the same. Make sure the bulbs you purchase are firm and fat. Avoid bulbs that are mussy to the touch. Do not purchase bulbs if they show signs of mold. Prior to planting your bulbs in the Fall, you should store them in a cool, dry place. Some folks actually put them in their refrigerator vegetable drawer. If you do put them in your fridge, do not store fruit, such as apples or bananas with them. Those fruits emit a gas that ripens fruit, but, ruins tulips. When planting, make sure that the bulb is very dry. Tulips love water, but, be sure to place the bulb in soil that drains well. Too much water, pooling around the bulb for long periods of time, will cause the bulb to rot. Also, be careful to protect them from pests and put them in a place that receives adequate sunlight.